Paris is the BAROMETER of Culture,
Florence is the BAROMETER of Art,
Berlin is the BAROMETER of Perfection,
Tokyo is the BAROMETER of Innovation,
Pune is the BAROMETER of Taste.

About Us

Every city has a character. Every place has a character. What’s interesting though, is that food can bring the flavours of other places right where you are. Bringing you the spread of cuisines from all over the world, Barometer aims to give you an experience, not just food.

We aim to bridge the gap between a casual hangout and fine dine restaurant and offer food that will suit everyone’s palette- be it a Kheema Pao lover or an English Breakfast enthusiast.

The idea is simple: to provide great food and friendly service to each customer we serve. No matter where you come from, you can expect the same friendly restaurant atmosphere, great service and delicious food to look forward to, any day of the week. Come, indulge!


Outdoor Catering Service

Bring Barometer wherever you are

At Barometer, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing a large group of people seated at tables that had to be joined to fit their quorum - with our food doing the rounds amidst endlessly flowing talks, banter, discussions and drinks. We understand there are limits to the number of guests we can accommodate, however, we do not want you to miss out on hosting your event with food from Barometer. We thought we could work around this hurdle by bringing Barometer wherever you are. No, not just delivery, but a way to spruce up your occasion with our food and drinks along with our impeccable service.

Our Outdoor Catering Service is a way for us to bring the Barometer experience straight to you, be it a quaint family gathering or a large team dinner. We want you to have the choice to bring Barometer wherever you are.